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Christine & Wikki
Some hot young stud and his GF duck into the boys bathroom thinking it will be empty so late. The horny couple find something. It is a girl but she is standing and peeing. This hot young stud quickly finds he is no match for Christine. After Christine fucks Wikki hard, they leave a couple!
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Aunty Lissa
We all know Priya is a cute tgirl from India but what about her family? In this comic, we meet her Aunt Lissa. Lissa is a flight attendant for Air India that has a big cock and likes to use it. First, the girl in the airplane bathroom then the unsuspecting Lisa Jane. Lisa Jane comes to love Priya’s house and her big-dicked aunt!
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Failing Christine
The sorority is having a sister’s only party. The sisters have fun getting the younger girls drunk. Priya, who is a lightweight and with a small body, gets drunk after one jello shot. Some of the girls take her the bedroom of one of the sisters to sleep it off. Turns out Priya is not alone in the room and gets super horny when she is drunk!
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Silly college kids out in the woods trying to get drunk after midterms get surprised by the cops. Priya, always in heels, can’t run when the cops come and gets caught. Back at the police station, they find Priya packing something big in her pantyhose. It’s not a weapon though. Or is it?. For bondage lovers, this is a comic for you!

The Emo CockTail
Christine, sometimes, wishes she was a “normal” girl again. Trying to find an antidote for her cock, she comes up with a formula that will grow a cock. Jenny can’t resist trying the formula, growing a cock and fucking her emo friends. After fucking all night, the emo girls look pregnant with cum!
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